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Franz Pichler with RM4IT apparatus, October 2005

Short Biography

Education in telecommunication (Graz, 1954) and mathematics (PhD. Innsbruck, 1967)
Professor of Systems Theory (from 1973 to 2004)
Visiting professorships (Univ. Maryland 1970, SUNY Binghamton 1975/76, 1982/83, University of Las Palmas 1992-93)
Coordinator Group Systems Theory, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Biographical Notes

Curriculum Vitae
Research Projects executed during my professorship 1973-2004
PhD ( theses done under my supervision during the years 1973-2011
Research and Teaching Activities 2005-2014
Eigene Bücher in der Schriftenreihe
Mit Elektrobasteln und Radiobasteln fing es an
Begegnungen mit Rudolf Kalman

Research Fields

Mathematical Systems Theory (MST)
Applications of MST in information technology (signal processing, cryptography, modeling complex systems)
History of information technology
Lebenslauf: Deutsche Version, Ausgabe vom Januar 2009, ist hier verfügbar.

Present Lectures (SS 2007)

History of information technology

Past Lectures

Johannes Kepler Universtiy
Formale Grundlagen der Informatik 3 (Diskrete Strukturen)
Systemtheorie 1 (Lineare Differentialsysteme)
Systemtheorie 2: General Systems Methodology
Systemtheorie 2: CAST – Computer Aided Systems Theory
Angewandte Systemtheorie: Mobile Kommunikation
Systemtheorie 2: Mathematische Systemtheorie
Angewandte Systemtheorie: Kryptographie
Angewandte Systemtheorie: Digitale Sprachverarbeitung
Informationstechnische Modellierung mobiler Funksysteme
Spezielle Kapitel aus Angewandte Systemtheorie: Geschichte der Informationstechnik
Fachhochschule in Hagenberg
Systems Theory
History of Information Technology


Books:  Prof. Pichler (together with Gerhard Pohl) is editing the "Schriftenreihe für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und der Technik" which covers important topics in the history of science and engineering
Papers: please consult the publications homepage for details

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