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The Institute of Systems Theory and Simulation has stopped its operation by the retirement of Prof. Franz Pichler at October 1st 2004. At the University of Linz it is replaced by the new founded Institute of Formal Models and Verification headed by Prof Armin Biere. For historical reasons we continue to give information by this homepage and report also on activities of Franz Pichler, Prof. Emeritus for Systems Theory, and his associates. The original task of department has been:
Development of formal modelling methods for the application in special fields of Information Technology such as Systems Architecting, Digital Voice Processing, Digital Image Processing or Cryptography,
application of formal methods in the different fields of Information Technology,
holonic approaches in modelling of networks and related methods in artificial intelligence.

Prof. Pichler continues in his position as an Emeritus for Systems Theory his work of interest especially in the field of history of information technology and special fields of cryptography.